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Business Start Up

Website Design

Domain Registration

Social Media Set-up

Logo Design

Business Planning & strategic plans

Business Start up

Let me help you get noticed and looking professional. Logo and website (re)design. I've worked in a variety of web development platforms and welcome any questions you may have. $100 per social media platform and logo

Website Design / Domain Registration or connection /  Landing Page. $400 per website.

Note: I have the privilege of working with a local, professional photographer. For an additional fee, head shots, facility or product photos can be arranged.

Business Building

Website Maintenance / Update

Social Media Monitoring

Business Building

I appreciate on a personal and professional level the amount of time it takes to engage on social media today. I am happy to site and discuss options for a successful online presence and can direct you to local companies willing to manage your social media campaign. If you are looking to get started or just want a bit of a push I am very willing to assist in a 1 post per month online campaign. I design your campaign and all designs are yours to keep! $30 per hour.   

Alternatively I can offer 1 social media post per month with 1 website edit for $400 a year.

Administrative Support

Industry Research & Advice


Organizational Charts

Employee Roles & Responsibilities


Policy Development

Business Templates

Administrative Support

Technology has opened so many doors. It is easier than ever to assist in basic administrative duties without leaving the comforts of home. If you have tasks that need to get done and you don't have the time or, let's be honest, the energy to focus on it, give me a call. $30 per hour

Data Entry / Templates / Mail-outs / Spreadsheets / Research & Training

Training and Boosters! 

When it comes to social media are you up to date and ready to go? Let me help your clients find you. Over 1 billion people are actively engaged on Facebook - it is a prime marketing medium ready for you! Allow us to assist you in deciding what social media platform will work best for your needs. Creating a profile and assisting with smart phone application upload and training is our pleasure. 

Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Snapchat / Ello / Linkedin / Blogs / YouTube / SoundCloud $100 per platform with 1hr training.

Training and Boosters!

One on one training sessions

Group training sessions

Digital training sessions

Team Building / Boosters!